Additional Items for Contractors and Operators to Consider

Posted by Amanda on July 10, 2012 at 5:00 AM

Additional Items for Contractors and Operators to Consider

Recent events in the Gulf of Mexico have forced all industry stakeholders to reevaluate how they approach operations, as a result of the Deepwater Horizon Spill. For Diving Contractors, this means devoting greater attention to:

· Evaluation of site plans for dealing with a contaminated diver

· Evaluation of whether 5 minute surface intervals can be met, if diving Sur 'D' O2

· Possibly limiting dives to "No Decompression"

· Reinforcement to personnel of their "Stop Work" authority

· The need for hydrocarbon monitors in saturation diving bells

· Need for a dedicated decontamination / wash down station on vessels for surfacing divers

Additionally, certain waterways that have been normally available to vessels and mariners are now restricted. This has increased vessel traffic, as fisherman and other boaters now look for new and accessible areas. This translates into an increased risk of vessel encroachments. As such, contractors are encouraged to stay vigilant in their monitoring of vessel traffic, when conducting underwater operations. There are several web sites which outline areas that vessels are encouraged to avoid, and track the spread of the oil spill.

Another new dynamic for industry personnel to take note of is the increased presence of personnel, enlisted to aid in the spill response and cleanup. Many of these individuals (new employees or volunteers) are not familiar with offshore safe practices and operations. This is probably most prevalent at the ports throughout the Gulf coast that have been dedicated to deploy personnel for spill cleanup.

In short, the items mentioned above are just a snapshot of the different challenges facing contractors and operators. There is much going on in the Gulf of Mexico, which will require a greater level of attention to detail by all.

This Information was sent to further the communication of all industry stakeholders. Safety is the primary concern of the ADCI. Remember: a real-time Job Safety Analysis is important, but nothing can replace good common sense.

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