Bibby Topaz Incident

Posted by Amanda on September 21, 2012 at 10:05 AM

On 19th September...

North Sea

This is from diver onboard

Quick update for you all, Flakey was almost right but a few facts need clarifying:-

Both divers were outside the structure, looks like diver 1's umbilical got a turn around a external transponder bucket on side of structure when run off occurred. Vessel ran off 180 mts and did indeed part his umbilical. It took 26 mins to get the vessel back to over the structure, although the ROV had located him well before that, Chris the diver in question said he knew to try and conserve his gas even though he was freezing to death. He doesn't remember slipping into unconsciousness it just happened. It has been worked out that in total it took 46 mins to get him back in the bell, after 2 breaths by the bellman he started breathing on his own, he even stood up and out the way on his own steam to help in getting the bottom door down, once his breathing was restored he recovered quite quickly so they proceeded to start and warm him once the door was down and the bell was on its way up. (he was blue when they removed his hat). Diver 2 and the bellman were very professional in all of this as was the dive supervisor Craig Frederick, the lads themselves said Graig kept them focused and preempted everything.

Chris the diver climbed out of the bell and into the TL on his own steam and was warmed up further in the TL using the shower and wrapping him in towels, once stabilised he was transferred to the chamber. He appears to of made a full recovery and we have all been taking the piss at the lengths some people will go to for a short bellrun. ( obviously to try and lighten what was a very somber mood ) Chris has been very very very lucky. It brings it home just how quickly things can go pear shaped. The DP system is the prime suspect as the bridge said they had no control during the whole run off, that is being investigated with a fine toothcombe and we are all being decompressed as the investigation will be thorough and exhaustive time and getting back to work are not ab issue... I'll try and let you all know any outcomes when and if we find out !!

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Reply Clive Morrell
7:45 AM on September 27, 2012 
Although not a Diver myself, I have worked with Divers, as a Dive Tech for 7 years, and an ROV punter for 25. Despite the banter, one cannot but respect these 'unwise', albeit well paid individuals, who choose a profession that relies on so many other people (and I used to be one of them) and modern technology, to keep them alive and safe. Well done to Chris for being a survivor, and all the others involved, especially Craig. I also appreciate the anonymous author, of this all-important clarification of the facts, and look forward to details of the outcome of the investigations.

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